Parents Role in the Admissions Process

Dear Parents of Prospective Students,

Your involvement in the admissions process of your student is important to them and the admissions process in general. Your support may mean the difference between them having an exciting application process or an overwhelming experience. Most likely they will want and need your input into their college choices, and the decisions that follow. This being said, everyone is different and while one may outright beg you for help, another may barricade you from their bedroom. Because of this, it is important to strike a fine balance in how much assistance you offer.

Ideas of where you could help;

A student that is dealing with deadlines, essays, high school exams, and everyday drama in their life might feel very overwhelmed with everything that’s due. They may be wondering how they are going to keep track of everything, and this is where you could maybe offer some assistance. If applicable help them keep track of dates and deadlines, and offer gentle reminders or even just having the dates in the back of your mind when they may need them.

  • help keep track of deadlines, dates, papers, and appointments
  • go along with them to visit campuses and offer your input
  • offer gentle reminders of deadlines if the time comes to do so
  • encourage them to not limit themselves when applying
  • let them lead the process

Let them take the reins; 

Your student’s admissions requirements are not your new part-time job, as it is the job of the students to be responsible for their admission. It is important for them to take on this responsibility and start their college experience off on the right foot.  If you take on too much of the responsibility you may, in the end, be hurting your student’s ability to succeed by themselves in the future.