What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Move In Day


It is almost time to welcome the VCU class of 2021 to our campus. We hope you are excited about coming to VCU this fall.  Freshman move in will be held on August 19, 2017.  Residential Life and Housing staff, as well as faculty/staff and students from across the university, will be on hand to assist with unloading your vehicle and getting your belongings into your residence hall room.

The following is a list of things to bring with you to move in:

  • Alarm clock and desk lamp
  • Pillows, Blankets and bed linens for an extra-long twin bed (Ackell & Broad & Belvidere residents should bring bedding for a full bed)
  • Bath linens, toiletries, shower caddy and shower shoes
  • Your favorite fish, in a 10 gallon or smaller tank
  • Flashlight
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Surge protectors with on/off buttons
  • Microwave, mini fridge, TV with QAM tuner, gaming systems (check with your roommate so you only bring one of each!)
  • Plants, posters, wastebasket, mirror (except Johnson Hall)
  • Non-flammable curtains
  • Toilet paper, toilet plunger, and bathroom cleaning supplies if staying in suite-style residence hall
  • Dishes, kitchen utensils, pots/pans, toilet paper, toilet plunger, shower curtain, and bathroom/ kitchen cleaning supplies if living in an apartment-style residence hall.
  • Only one microwave and mini refrigerator are allowed per bedroom.

What you should Not bring:

  • Additional furniture – wait until you have seen your room and how much space you have before bringing an extra chair. All VCU-provided furniture must remain in its assigned room. Non-VCU mattresses are not permitted without permission from Disability Support Services.
  • Loft materials (construction of loft beds is prohibited) or cinder blocks to raise beds (only designated bed risers are permitted)
  • Personal air-conditioners or space heaters
  • Landline telephones (courtesy phones are located in each building)
  • Pets that are not fish
  • Extension cords and items that require a flame to operate or that produce heat, such as candles (including decorative), incense and incense burners, plug-in air fresheners, grills, lanterns and halogen lights (a full list of prohibited fire/safety items can be found in our policy manual (insert link to policy manual)
  • Illegal drugs, fireworks, chemicals, firearms, and weapons of any kind. Students are expected to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you need to pick up any last minute items once you arrive at campus, there are many stores located nearby.  Some local favorite options are the Barnes and Noble at VCU (1111 West Broad St.); Kroger (901 N. Lombardy St.); Target (5401 West Broad St.); Willow Lawn shopping center (1601 Willow Lawn Dr.); and Walmart (7901 Brook Rd. or 2410 Sheila Ln.). The Walmart on Campus is conveniently located on campus at 912 W. Grace St.  This smaller-scaled Walmart is designed with students’ needs in mind and includes a pharmacy.

If you have any additional questions, please contact VCU Residential Life and Housing by email at vcuhousing@vcu.edu or by phone at (804) 828-7666.

Common Application; Pro Tips

The Common Application opens Tuesday, August 1st, and prospective students need to be prepared for everything in holds. For some, the process may be easy as pie, but for others, it can be quite daunting. Because of this, many may end up putting it off until the last minute. However, knowing your deadlines, starting early, and utilizing a few pro tips can make the whole process less intimidating, and in the end, less stressful.

Start Early

It is extremely recommended that prospective students start the application right when it opens on August 1st. Even just starting with the simple things like your name can lessen the stress when approaching the deadline to turn it in the application. This will also help you out if you discover that the program you are applying for has additional requirements. Here is where you can view the admission requirements for VCU, and additional requirements for certain programs.

Review the Website Before Starting

Some students have found it extremely helpful to review the website before starting or submitting applications. This can help you establish the lay of the land before diving into the serious stuff. If you are ever having trouble with the website your high school guidance counselor is a great resource to assist you with navigation. Furthermore, if you have any questions about VCU requirements you can ask us through email at ugrad@vcu.edu or over the phone at (804) 828-1222 or (800) 841-3638.

Take it a Step at a Time

There are many tasks to complete before you finish the Common Application, but approaching it with a level head can save you time in the long run. Complete each task one at a time instead of sporadically alternating. Definitely, develop a plan of attack for completing the application. Maybe for you, it’s better to get the hardest essay out of the way first? Or possibly it’s less daunting for you to complete the simpler tasks first. By making a plan and taking it step by step you can prevent from getting too overwhelmed about the process.

Golden Rule

Whatever you do don’t wait until the last minute to do everything, or you may run into a hiccup. Leave yourself with enough time to correct any mistakes. Even if you just file out one small section, aim to work on it every day until it’s completed. If you need to change something on your application after you have submitted it you can figure out who your processor is here, and contact them about the change.




All About Open House

Are you interested in attending Virginia Commonwealth University? Then please plan to join us for our Open Houses for prospective students this fall on October 7 or October 28, 2017. Open House will be a day for you to learn more about VCU’s outstanding academic programs as well as to get a sense of student life on campus. Experience the diversity that makes VCU a special place!

Open house will give you the opportunity to;

  • Learn about academic programs and support services
  • Meet faculty members and student services staff
  • Obtain information about admissions and financial aid
  • Tour the campus and residence halls


VCU will observe Independence Day

The university will be closed to observe the Independence Day holiday on tomorrow Tuesday, July 4th.  Information sessions and campus tours will not be conducted on this date.  The information sessions and campus tours will resume on Wednesday, July 5, 2017.