2018-2019 Housing Application

The 2018-2019 Housing Application opens on April 3rd at 4 p.m.!

Room assignments are made based on the date that the online housing application is completed, not according to the date that the student was accepted to VCU. Also, the sooner you complete the online housing application, the better the chances that you housing preferences will be honored. We recommend that you complete your housing application as soon as possible!

Make sure you are all set to apply by following these steps:

  1. Get accepted to VCU.
  2. You must accept your offer of admission to VCU before you can apply for housing. Accept your offer by submitting your tuition deposit online.
  3. Review your choices for on-campus housing. There are certain halls for freshmen and certain halls for upperclassmen, so be sure to browse your housing options according to your student status. Hall choices can be found here. Please visit 2018-2019 Freshman rates or 2018-2019 Upperclassmen rates for cost information.
  4. Open and complete your housing application. You will enter some personal information as well select your top housing preferences.
  5. Submit the nonrefundable $250 housing deposit to complete your application.
  6. Review your application status by checking your VCU email for a confirmation message.
  7. You must register for Fall 2018 or for a Summer Orientation in order to be eligible to receive a housing assignment.

Roommate Information

There are 3 ways to find a roommate.
1. the Housing Application – The Housing Application allows you to search for roommates based on their name or profile. You can also browse matches provided to you by the system based on questions you have answered in your profile. Roommate requests must be mutual, meaning you and your roommate must both agree to live together. Students wishing to live in a triple with two other roommates may contact vcuhousing@vcu.edu . Roommate requests are not guaranteed but will be honored in most cases.
2. RoomSync – RoomSync is a platform that allows students to search for roommates using Facebook. Creating a RoomSync account allows you to fill out a social profile and match with people based on their interests and lifestyle preferences. To use RoomSync, click the link on the roommate page in the Housing Application.
3. Random Selection – Incoming students do not have to select a roommate! A student will receive a roommate selection if they do not choose one themselves. This is common for students who want to meet new people during their first year on campus.

Living-Learning Communities
Students have the option to apply to a Living-Learning Community. These programs allow students to live with other students who share similar lifestyles, goals and extracurricular interests. More information about LLCs and how to apply can be found here.

Meal Plans
Students living in Brandt, Gladding Residence Center, Gladding Residence Center III, Honors, Johnson and Rhoads are required to have a dining plan. A list of dining plans can be found at vcu.campusdish.com. The other housing options have kitchens, and the purchase of a dining plan is optional.

Upperclassmen are permitted to have cars on campus, but freshmen are not. Click here for the full Freshmen Car Policy.

To cancel your housing assignment without penalty, please submit a written request to VCU Housing within 5 business days after the assignment is made.\

For ALL information regarding VCU Housing, including Move-In, Amenities, and FAQs, please visit housing.vcu.edu.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below and we will get back to you!

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