What You Need to Know About New Student Orientation

Once you have accepted your offer of admission at VCU, it’s time to prepare for new student orientation.

New student orientation is the time for you to meet other students in your major, pick your class schedule, and pick up your VCU ID! It also allows you to experience a night on campus. Staff provides you a night to stay in a residence hall to experience campus life. Staying the night on campus gives you a chance to mingle with other incoming students as well as get familiar with the campus. Orientation is based on a first come first serve basis, so those who come to the first sessions get the first pick at classes! It also lets those get ahead if there are any summer assignments for your classes (Univ classes usually assign a book reading, summer reading projects never really go away).

You may also submit your own VCU ID photo, therefore allowing you to skip the line for pick up. The requirements for a submission can be found here. Prospect students will be emailed if their submission has been accepted or denied.

Make sure to take any necessary placement tests online for science, math, or a language before you arrive. Taking these online placement tests allow advisers to place you in the correct classes.

If you have further questions about NSO, please contact New Student and Family Programs at (804) 828-3700.