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mindfulness mini-retreats and gatherings

suzanne is available to work with your group or department in the spirit of unwind.  contact suzanne l. vinson by email at gather@suzannelvinson.com or slsvinson@me.com to schedule your gathering or mini-retreat in her Northside Richmond studio or in a location of your choice.  

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letting go of stress through the present moment.

each time we center our thoughts on the present moment, we release anxious energy and thought.  stress lessens.  we can breathe deeply and be ourselves, lighter and unburdened.  as we breathe deeply, we provide the good oxygen that our bodies need.  our muscles relax.  each time we practice centering and calm relaxation, we are training […]

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if you’re interested in an app or site that gives you timed meditations, nature scenery and nature sounds, calm.com is for you.  take a look at the site and you’ll know if it brings calm to your day, your moment.  change the background to change the scenery and sounds.  rainfall.  etherial music.  water. nature brings […]

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one step. then another.

each step takes us closer to our destination.  each step moves us forward.  some steps along require a detour, a new navigator, or a rest stop along the way.  pausing to unwind is such a rest stop.  you continue moving toward your ultimate destination, while caring for yourself along the way. hurry and overwhelm can […]

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mindful practice :: a heart coloring page.

heart coloring page please enjoy this hand-drawn heart coloring page for your coloring pleasure.  use this as you’d like to color in the lines, or color around the lines, leaving space for the light ((white)) to show through.  as you color, allow your mind to release the to-do lists and to reset.  allow your mind […]

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on noticing.

A practice :: in this moment, whether you gather at the table to unwind or pause with this post, notice what happens within your body as you breathe deeply.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Breathe all the way through to your belly.  Notice what surrounds you.  What gifts “show up” throughout your day?  A falling leaf, bringing you […]

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color dots. a practice on focus and attention.

a sweet download to print and add to your journal.  or you can pause and find yourself lost in the color circles.  what color draws you in, speaks to you of what you most need.  if you’re seeking calm, what color expresses calm.  if you seek energy, what color jumps off the page to grab […]

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The Mindfulness Summit

There’s an amazing online treasure trove this month called The Mindfulness Summit.  It is full of guests from around the globe who know mindfulness and speak through their specialities and life experiences.  Each day a new video is added and you can delight in the wisdom found there. from The Mindfulness Summit:: Melli O’Brien of MrsMindfulness.com has gathered over […]

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