mindful practice :: a heart coloring page.

heart color page

heart coloring page

please enjoy this hand-drawn heart coloring page for your coloring pleasure.  use this as you’d like to color in the lines, or color around the lines, leaving space for the light ((white)) to show through.  as you color, allow your mind to release the to-do lists and to reset.  allow your mind the space to relax, lingering on the colors you use.  allow yourself to breathe deeply and relax through the simple, repetitive action.  it’s permission giving to sit before a piece of paper and make these deliberate, steady marks.  it’s permission to focus on the present moment, to let go of the moments before this moment, and to rest and relax through color.  enjoy.

use any medium you’d like :: coloring pencils, graphite pencils, pens of any color, markers, crayons, watercolors.

a note :: if you have sharpee markers, please layer paper under your work, as they may bleed through.

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