letting go of stress through the present moment.

each time we center our thoughts on the present moment, we release anxious energy and thought.  stress lessens.  we can breathe deeply and be ourselves, lighter and unburdened.  as we breathe deeply, we provide the good oxygen that our bodies need.  our muscles relax.  each time we practice centering and calm relaxation, we are training our bodies and minds to return to that state more quickly.  when stress is heaped upon us, we can focus our energies to return to our calm awareness and move ourselves at a distance to simply notice the stress rather than carrying it ourselves.

take this moment to notice.  what do you notice about your body?  notice through the senses, noticing where your body is fatigued, where your body is full of energy.  notice where your attention shifts.  do you feel too stressed to pause and notice?


take this moment to give yourself what you most need.  do you need a meal?  do you need sleep?  do you need to get up and move?  give yourself permission to use this moment in an act of self care.  listen, hear, and care for yourself.  you’ve already begun that practice of self care through mindful attention to your present moment as you’ve attuned yourself, noticing through your senses.  breathe deeply and give thanks.

whether you can gather today with your peers, take a walk, or enjoy lunch in quiet, give yourself a moment to pause and unwind.

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