letting go of stress through the present moment.

each time we center our thoughts on the present moment, we release anxious energy and thought.  stress lessens.  we can breathe deeply and be ourselves, lighter and unburdened.  as we breathe deeply, we provide the good oxygen that our bodies need.  our muscles relax.  each time we practice centering and calm relaxation, we are training […]

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on noticing.

A practice :: in this moment, whether you gather at the table to unwind or pause with this post, notice what happens within your body as you breathe deeply.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Breathe all the way through to your belly.  Notice what surrounds you.  What gifts “show up” throughout your day?  A falling leaf, bringing you […]

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a video from mrs. mindfulness + The Mindfulness Summit

The images and message of mindfulness in this video by Melli O’Brien of Mrs. Mindfulness is lovely.  Her You Tube channel has a number of good videos to enjoy. There’s an amazing online treasure trove this month called The Mindfulness Summit.  It is full of guests from around the globe who know mindfulness and speak through their specialities and […]

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schedule time to unwind

one of the most important tasks i have is to schedule time to unwind.  reaching this point in the fall semester where deadlines are piling up and our inner resources are at maximum use, we must remember to take care of ourselves.  block 15-20 minutes for yourself to go outside, to meet with a friend, […]

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taking notice.

make room in your day to pause and unwind.  look at the rain caught on the leaves.  notice the beads of water and how they catch the light’s reflection.  get lost in the beauty of a dewdrop.  look up.  notice the sky, the clouds.  breathe deeply, creating room within yourself to notice the beauty that […]

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spring in your step.

these spring days are unfolding before us.  we have renewed energy, noticing the sun a bit brighter.  we notice the brightest of colors opening before us as the daffodils, tulips, and flowering trees bloom. along with the spring’s unfolding and renewed energy, more is being asked in return.  as our energy returns, expectations are heightened, […]

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self care secret no. 1.

my self care secret no. 1 ((which is soon not so secret)) is to paint my nails.  i do like having painted nails, though more than that, it’s a time where i force myself to sit still.  i allow each coat to dry before painting the next.  when i know i’m wishing i had time […]

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what we do with our one life

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beauty lies here :: a video.

i have found this video to be so relaxing.  so lovely.  it’s a wonderful way to pause and set a different pace.  watch here :: http://youtu.be/cZG1XqFUBDQ as published on You Tube :: 12 April 2012 a moving portrait of nonagenarian, Maia Helles and her amazing exercise routine and life style by her friend Julia Warr, artist […]

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color blocks. a practice of naming.

print the color block image above and create a practice of naming. you may name all that you have on your plate, naming all that needs to be accomplished.  you may write a word in each color block :: writing your gratitudes, hopes, or goals.  you can create as few or as many as you’d […]

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