Updating The VCU Master Site Plan

Virginia Commonwealth University’s recently updated strategic plan, Quest for Distinction, sets the course for the institution and lays a foundation for other planning initiatives.  One of these initiatives is preparing the VCU Master Site Plan Update 2020.     

The Update will build on past planning efforts and integrate VCU and VCU Health System planning efforts.  While Quest for Distinction has established what initiatives are planned for VCU, the Update will develop a plan for where those initiatives will be accommodated.  The planning process will include a comprehensive look at the physical environment of the campus and will look at how that environment helps VCU to succeed as a high-quality urban environment for education, research and patient care.  In formulating a unified campus vision for VCU, the planning process will also include an analysis of existing space utilization to assure that our current resources are being used to their greatest advantage. 

VCU has engaged the local firm of BCWH, Architects to manage the planning process.  They have a long history of working with VCU having managed the previous two master plans.  They are teamed with Ayers Saint Gross Architects + Planners of Baltimore, Maryland, a firm with an internationally recognized expertise in campus master planning, including significant experience with large, urban research-based universities with academic medical centers.

A Steering Committee made up of the Vice-Presidents and other senior University leadership will oversee the planning along with a Planning Committee of functional area leaders within the University.  Both the University and the Health System are well-represented on both committees to best-assure a well-coordinated plan for the campuses.

The very first step of the planning process is a series of listening sessions, data gathering and information gathering events. These sessions are just beginning and will continue through early October.  The planning process will last approximately twelve months, and each phase of the process will include opportunities for input from stakeholders across the University and the community.  Presentation to the Board of Visitors for approval is anticipated in May 2012, followed by the completion of final project documentation in the fall of 2012.  Information about progress, activities, and next steps will always be available on this page.