Dr. Myung Park Honored as the Robert L. Hintz Professor of Accounting

The Snead Hall Board Room played host to a February reception to honor Dr. Myung Park as the Robert L. Hintz Professor of Accounting.  More than thirty benefactors, local business leaders, School of Business faculty and administrators, and members of the extended Hintz family came together for the celebration.  Dr. Carolyn Norman, Professor and Chair of the Department of Accounting, noted the importance of endowed professorships in advancing the research profile of the School of Business and also said “The Hintz Professorship is a milestone for our department as we move closer to programs at our aspirant schools.”

The CSX Corporation, represented at the reception by Regional Vice President Quintin Kendall, established the Robert L. Hintz Professorship in 1987 to honor Mr. Robert L. Hintz, the company’s retired Executive Vice President.  Mr. Hintz was a member of the Advisory Board for the VCU School of Business, and was crucial to the school’s accounting department gaining accreditation from AACSB International, the premiere accrediting body for schools of business.  Mr. Hintz’s wife, Dolly, and other members of his immediate family were in attendance at the reception.

Dr. Myung Park, widely respected by both students and his peers, teaches accounting at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and also serves as the department’s Ph.D. program advisor.  Since joining the school in 2004, Dr. Park’s research has appeared in a plethora of top-tier accounting and finance journals.  Dr. Park is a past recipient of the School of Business Distinguished Scholar Award, as well as a VCU Presidential Research Incentive Program Award.

Dr. Park adds:

“My special thanks go to Mrs. Hintz, her family, and the CSX Corporation, for making their generous financial contribution and endowment in memory of Mr. Hintz. As a recipient of one of the highest academic honors, I am deeply honored that Hintz professorship is in my name.  I feel privileged to have my academic achievement and contributions recognized in this way.

This Hintz Professorship is very important for me because it gives me an incentive to pursue high quality research, teaching, and service. At this moment, I feel a greater sense of responsibility to contribute more to the VCU community. I’ll continue to demonstrate strong commitment through my research, teaching, and professional achievements. I think this would be a living memorial to Mr. Hintz’s belief in academic excellence and social responsibility. 

I wish to thank Dean Ed Grier and Dr. Carolyn Norman, Chair of Accounting Department, and  other colleagues at Accounting Dept. and School of Business for their supports and warm encouragements.  I also wish to thank School of Business Foundation for arranging this wonderful reception.” 


HintzBlog.jpg(pictured: members of the extended Hintz Family, Dr. Myung Park, photo of Mr. Robert L. Hintz, Mrs. Dolly Hintz, CSX Regional Vice President Quintin Kendall)

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