Prospective Students Are Welcomed at VCU’s Fall Open House

Prospective Students and Parents visit various booths to find out more about programs offered.
Prospective Students and Parents visit various booths to find out more about the programs offered.

Last Saturday, VCU hosted it’s first Open House of the semester. The day consisted of tours and information sessions allowing prospective students and their families to get a sense of campus life and academia. Over 100 high school seniors and their families attended a presentation at Snead Hall to learn more about programs within the School of Business. Most students were between the ages of 17 and 18, and each showed a serious interest in pursuing a business-related career.

“I’ve always been really good at math and numbers but I didn’t really know what to do with it,” said Thomas Roberts, a senior from Northern Virginia.

“I joined the investment club at my high school and that’s when it clicked,” he said. Roberts wants to pursue a career in accounting or economics and chose VCU’s School of Business because of its outstanding value as a state school.

This value has earned the University a great deal of national attention. Though most come from Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, and other nearby cities, many of the prospective students on Saturday came from areas along the east coast, including Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

“I heard about this school from my uncle who lives down here,” said Monique Slater from Long Island, NY. Slater, who wants to work for the international business market, said that the  open house was so impressive that she pushed VCU to the top of her list of possible colleges. “I haven’t heard anything I don’t like about it. Richmond is very different from Long Island, but I’m sure I can get used to it.”

During the presentation, Dean Ed Greir described Richmond’s culture and growing economy. Many found this beneficial, especially since VCU is considered an urban campus.

What Marilyn Glenn, a parent from Virginia Beach, loved most about Richmond was it’s healthy balance of busy city and serene suburbia. Others, like 17-year-old Eric Johnson, were very interested in Richmond’s unique culture and lifestyles.

“Growing up, I used to want to be a musician” said Johnson, who is now interested in studying Information Systems and technology at VCU.

“I started taking art classes in high school and decided that I didn’t want art to be my main curriculum. Richmond does have a great music scene, though, so I can still go to school and do my music thing on the side.”

Student Ambassador President, Ti'Lon Paige, shares the advice she gives to incoming students.
Student Ambassador President, Ti’Lon Paige, shares the advice she gives to incoming students.

Although his decision to attend VCU is not final, Johnson has already expressed interest in participating in VCU’s student radio station, WVCW. Getting involved in campus organizations is the key to making it at VCU, according to Ti’Lon Paige, president of the School of Business’ student ambassadors.

“My biggest regret freshman year was not participating in any programs and staying in a shell,” said Paige, who is now in her senior year. “I tell all new students, ‘Go out there and take what you want.’ You can’t expect anybody else to make college work for you.”

VCU will host its next Open House on November 2. For more information about Open House, click here.

-Article by Brittney Barbour, student journalist

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