Management and Service Learning is making Wishes Come True through Dance

improv2Management and Service learning is a business course where students learn managerial and fundraising skills and exercise these skills on and off campus. Students are divided into groups of 6 or 7 and host events throughout the year to raise money for a charitable organization. Last Saturday, junior Carly Miks gave a unique spin on her fundraising duties by hosting a improvisational dance session for students and faculty.

“Most of my classmates are majoring in things like accounting and finance. I’m the one random dance major,” said Miks.

The event took place at the VCU Dance Center on N. Brunswick St. Attendees were encouraged to bring a $5-$10 donation in exchange for a open, non-judgmental place to listen to music and move their bodies.

“It’s a very cathartic experience being able to just do what you’re comfortable with and react to the music,” said Miks, who minors in business.

Members performed popular dances like the Cha-Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle. They also participated in a dance partnering exercise called Catch and Release where two or more dancers move about the room in a cluster and have to find creative ways to catch their partners when they are commanded to fall down.

Improv1All of the evenings proceeds went towards the Make-A-Wish foundation which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. This was one several fundraising initiatives that Miks’ team has hosted this semester to raise money for Make-A-Wish.

“So far we’ve sold bracelets and reached out to our friends for donations. Earlier, my teammate’s friend, who is a massage therapist, set up a chair at a local stop-and-shop and gave five-minute massages to those who gave donations.”

The VCU Dance department has hosted improv dance sessions for students in the past, usually with turnouts of 60 or more. Miks, along with her team’s manager, Scott McCabe, saw this as a fun opportunity to promote the dance department and raise money for their project.

“Even though I’m a manager, I try not to be too autocratic. I give them the reigns sometimes and I love them all to death,” said McCabe, who majors in accounting.

The group’s is three-quarters of the way to achieving their ultimate goal of $1000. Click here to donate to Make-A-Wish and help bring this group closer to their goal.

-Article by Brittney Barbour, student journalist

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