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Upcoming Career Fair Right Around the Corner!


The School of Business Career Services will be hosting the Spring Career Fair in Snead Hall on Thursday, February 13th. The fair will welcome students, alumni, and faculty along with employers scouting for full-time and part-time employees and interns. It will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The purpose of this event is to help students meet and get connected with different businesses. With two weeks left to register the Career Fair already has a list of 75 companies registered (click here for the full list of employers as of Jan. 28th), from Chick-fil-A to Target to Altria, making it the largest School of Business Career Fair to date. In fact, with the long list of employers this year, the Career Fair will not only take over the Snead Hall Atrium but the Qimonda Atriums as well. Recruiters will be looking at different candidates for positions such as sales, accounting, and information technology to name a few.

According to Monica Horsley, the Events Coordinator for the School of Business, the fair’s intent is to “Connect our Business Undergraduate and Graduate students and alumni with employers that are currently recruiting jobs and internships.”

Students of all grades along with alumni are encouraged to attend and network with these employers for a chance at a semester and summer long internship or a full-time job after graduation. Students should be prepared to turn in a resume, meet recruiters, and come “dressed for success”, says Darlene Ward Thompson, the Associate Director of the School of Business Career Services. They are encouraged to wear professional, business attire, such as a suit, and prepare to be interviewed by visiting recruiters.

Horsley also states that students should look at the list of registered employers, available on the School of Business website, and do their own research about the company.

“Whether you think you’re searching for a job or not, you are. This is the number one place to get an internship to add to your resume, so make sure to do your research,” says Horsley.

The Career Services Center is open to answer questions, give advice, and prepare students for the fair and for future employment. Faculty and staff from the School of Business will also be walking around the Atrium during the fair to help students with any questions they may have and any help they may need.

“The entire Career Center staff is walking around at the career fair as it’s happening because sometimes somebody has a question that needs to be answered at that moment in time. Sometimes all a person needs is a quick introduction, a smile, and some encouragement right there, on the spot to kind of get them going,” says Ward Thompson.

In order to prepare for the fair the School of Business Career Services is hosting a number of programs for students to learn what to wear, what to bring and how to act. The first event, Behavioral interviewing Skills Workshop, hosted by Sharan Gore of Travelers, will be on February 3rd at noon. The events following include a Resume Workshop, a “How to Work a Career Fair” Workshop, and a Resume Express Workshop. Click here for more events leading up to the Career Fair.

Check out the School of Business Career Services Pinterest for great pins on business attire, advice on resume and cover letter writing, networking and more! http://www.pinterest.com/vcuschoolofbusi/


-Article by Amy Calhoun, Student Journalist


Prospective Students Are Welcomed at VCU’s Fall Open House

Prospective Students and Parents visit various booths to find out more about programs offered.
Prospective Students and Parents visit various booths to find out more about the programs offered.

Last Saturday, VCU hosted it’s first Open House of the semester. The day consisted of tours and information sessions allowing prospective students and their families to get a sense of campus life and academia. Over 100 high school seniors and their families attended a presentation at Snead Hall to learn more about programs within the School of Business. Most students were between the ages of 17 and 18, and each showed a serious interest in pursuing a business-related career.

“I’ve always been really good at math and numbers but I didn’t really know what to do with it,” said Thomas Roberts, a senior from Northern Virginia.

“I joined the investment club at my high school and that’s when it clicked,” he said. Roberts wants to pursue a career in accounting or economics and chose VCU’s School of Business because of its outstanding value as a state school.

This value has earned the University a great deal of national attention. Though most come from Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, and other nearby cities, many of the prospective students on Saturday came from areas along the east coast, including Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

“I heard about this school from my uncle who lives down here,” said Monique Slater from Long Island, NY. Slater, who wants to work for the international business market, said that the  open house was so impressive that she pushed VCU to the top of her list of possible colleges. “I haven’t heard anything I don’t like about it. Richmond is very different from Long Island, but I’m sure I can get used to it.”

During the presentation, Dean Ed Greir described Richmond’s culture and growing economy. Many found this beneficial, especially since VCU is considered an urban campus.

What Marilyn Glenn, a parent from Virginia Beach, loved most about Richmond was it’s healthy balance of busy city and serene suburbia. Others, like 17-year-old Eric Johnson, were very interested in Richmond’s unique culture and lifestyles.

“Growing up, I used to want to be a musician” said Johnson, who is now interested in studying Information Systems and technology at VCU.

“I started taking art classes in high school and decided that I didn’t want art to be my main curriculum. Richmond does have a great music scene, though, so I can still go to school and do my music thing on the side.”

Student Ambassador President, Ti'Lon Paige, shares the advice she gives to incoming students.
Student Ambassador President, Ti’Lon Paige, shares the advice she gives to incoming students.

Although his decision to attend VCU is not final, Johnson has already expressed interest in participating in VCU’s student radio station, WVCW. Getting involved in campus organizations is the key to making it at VCU, according to Ti’Lon Paige, president of the School of Business’ student ambassadors.

“My biggest regret freshman year was not participating in any programs and staying in a shell,” said Paige, who is now in her senior year. “I tell all new students, ‘Go out there and take what you want.’ You can’t expect anybody else to make college work for you.”

VCU will host its next Open House on November 2. For more information about Open House, click here.

-Article by Brittney Barbour, student journalist

VCU School of Business Career Fair

Senior Mohammed Ziomande registers with a student ambassador to receive updates and additional information about the career fair.
Students and employers pack into the atrium to discuss career opportunities.
Joseph Brummel talks to an employer about summer internships and part-time positions
Joseph Brummel talks to an employer about summer internships and part-time positions.

Last Thursday was the biggest School of Business career fair since its inception in 2008. With over 70 employers and 270 recruiters, “the event was well-suited for a tremendous turnout,” said Nora Baldacci, Manager of Career Services at the School Business. From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Snead Hall’s atrium was packed with students and representatives scouting for interns, part-time and  full-time employees.

Although this is the fall edition of the career fair (another is scheduled in the spring) employers were already looking for students to fill positions for next summer.

“I’m here now so I don’t have to worry about it later. I don’t want to wait until next semester to start scrambling around [for internships] like everyone else,” said junior Joseph Brummel.

Competition is a great factor to consider while on the job hunt. With the number of students almost tripling the number of employers this year, one may find it hard to stand out amongst the crowd. Accounting student Mohammed Ziomande said that the key to finding success at a career fair is to do your research.

“When I found out that the top four accounting firms usually hire athletes, I joined the crew team,” said the 27-year-old. Since attending his first career fair almost three years ago, Ziomande has spent his time discovering what employers in his field are looking for in potential candidates. He hopes his attendance at the career fair has helped him land a job after he graduates in December.

The diverse range of employers, from Verizon Wireless to Frito Lay, offered opportunities for an even wider range of students. Those interested in marketing, information technology, production, and many other concentrations were able to find positions within each company.

“I think the variety of employers is what made the event so successful,” said Mike Eisenman, Director of Career Services for the School of Business. Although preparation began in June, employers were still attempting to register their tables just hours before the fair. The surge of applicants reflects how Virginia’s economy is starting to pick up after years of decline. “More companies mean more hires and, in turn, a need for more hires,” said Eisenman.

To ensure the next career fair is equally as successful, Eisenman hopes to have more diversity and encourages employers to build their relations with students. “If you’re scouting for student employees, they need to know who you are. It’s a great idea to have information sessions after a career fair, or even before.”

The next School of Business career fair will take place early next semester. For more information, be sure to check out http://business.vcu.edu/career

-Story by Brittney Barbour, student journalist


Representatives of Startup VCU speak to a student interested in joining the organization.
Representatives of Startup VCU speak to a student interested in joining the organization.

This past Wednesday, 36 student organizations, departments of the School of Business along with University departments participated in the bi-annual BOSS Fair (Business Organizations and Student Services) in the Snead Hall Atrium.  The Office of Student and Alumni Engagement works in participation with student ambassadors and student organizations to put the fair on each fall and spring semester.  According to Doug Knapp, Director of Student and Alumni Engagement, this weeks BOSS Fair was the “Biggest and best attended BOSS yet.”

The event attracted around 1,000 students, faculty, staff and friends and helped the organizations to gain more attention and members. Some organizations had as many as 200 students sign up requesting more information or to attend meetings.  Other organizations had as many as 18 members join during the three hours the fair was held.  Claire Calise, Ram to Ram Coordinator for the School of Business, mentioned “There was a constant flow of students visiting booths and no lull the entire event, which is really a testament to how much larger the turnout was today in comparison to the last BOSS Fair.  It just keeps growing.”

The BOSS Fair gives students the opportunity to speak with representatives from each organization, network, socialize and discover a number of ways to get involved with not only the School of Business, but the University as a whole.

For more information on student organizations, visit business.vcu.edu/engagement

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