New AHA 2015 CPR/ECC Guidelines

The AHA just released the new 2015 guidelines. Click here for a summary or visit the full website.

A quick list of some changes I noticed:


  • Changed recommendation system to GRADE


  • CPR compression rate should be at least 100 and not greater that 120/min.


  • Mechanical CPR devices may be considered, but manual CPR is still standard of care.
  • ECMO is being studied, but no RCTs to demonstrate effect on survival. May be considered in refractory arrest with a suspected reversible cause.
  • Vasopressin removed from cardiac arrest algorithm to streamline approach
  • The steroids, vasopressin, and epinephrine bundle may be considered but cannot be recommended at this time.
  • Lipid emulsion therapy may be considered for cardiac arrest due to drug toxicity.


  • Recommend use of two troponins and risk stratification tool to identify patients at low risk of MACE at 30 days.