FOAMed Links

Here are some of our favorite blogs, podcasts, Youtube channels, Twitter feeds, and other resources to supplement your learning from the Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) world.

It’s the middle of a shift and I need to figure this out in less than 60 seconds:

WikEM – The Wikipedia of EM.

The NNT – Quick summaries of evidence-based medicine.

MDCalc –  clinical scores/calculators (PERC, Wells, Anion Gap, PECARN, NEXUS, etc.)

PV Cards – Everything you want to know about a topic in <5 minutes on one page.

Orthopedic Teaching – Great resource from Northwestern U, ED mgt for each ortho emergency


Academic Life in Emergency Medicine – Clinical tips, discussions, and the famous PV cards

Life in the Fast Lane – Weekly summaries of current literature, weekly roundups of interesting FOAM posts

Core EM – EM core content in FOAM style from the folks at NYU/Bellevue

The Poison Review – Toxicology blog

ECG of the week – a more advanced weekly ECG blog

Dr. Smiths’ ECG Blog – another good ECG blog

EM Lyceum – In depth discussions and literature review

REBEL EM – Rezaie’s Evidence Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine.

First10EM – A blog focusing on the first 10 minutes of managing critical patients

FOAM EM – Aggregator of all things FOAMed in one place

Emergency Medicine Literature of Note – Comments on current literature

Boring EM – Focusing on core EM content and edutainment

Don’t forget the bubbles – A pediatric EM blog

EM Nerd – In depth discussions of current EM topics


EMCrit – Scott Weingart’s popular emergency medicine/critical care podcast

The Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine – Mini-journal club. Talks about a new EM paper in simple terms in about 15 minutes.

ECGWeekly – Amal Mattu’s weekly EKG video series – Rob Orman’s popular podcast

EM:RAP – A fantastic monthly podcast covering all aspects of EM

ToxTalk – Toxicology podcast

Ultrasound podcast – An ultrasound podcast

EM Basic – Great overviews and introductions to EM topics

SMART EM – In depth literature discussions

Larry Mellick – Youtube channel with EM procedures and interesting case discussions


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