March 28, 2017
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CSH researchers, led by Emily Zimmerman, together with the Engaging Richmond team, recently published a manuscript in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on the PCORI-funded SEED Method study. Entitled “A Patient and Provider Research Agenda on Diabetes and Hypertension Management,” the article discusses the first demonstration of the SEED (Stakeholder Engagement in Question Development and Prioritization) Method in Richmond, VA and the creation of a research agenda on dietary and behavioral management of diabetes and hypertension. Participants in the project were engaged for several months throughout the project and worked to develop conceptual models and research questions that were of relevance and interest to them. These stakeholder participants included patients and health care and service providers. The hope is that other researchers and funding organizations will take notice of these stakeholder-driven research priorities and questions and consider how they fit in with their future research plans.

The SEED Method is finalizing the research questions from the second demonstration site in Martinsville, VA and anticipates a final research agenda on respiratory cancer outcomes in May 2017.