Responsible Conduct of Research Session June 5th at 9am

The VCU Office of Research will host a Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop for current and future undergraduate researchers on Monroe Park Campus, Tuesday, June 05 at 9am in the T. Edward Temple Building, Lecture Hall 1169.

The workshop will be led by VCU Vice President for Research Dr. Frank Macrina, who will talk about best practices for student research while also discussing the implications of flawed research practices through a number of real-world scenarios.

This session is open to any VCU student who is currently conducting research with a faculty mentor, as well as students who plan to pursue research in the future.  If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please contact Herb Hill, at

VCU’s policy on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship can be found here:


Lab Skills Bootcamp!

Poised pipette in hand, Samya Dyer steadily placed the last sample of bacterial plasmid DNA – a dot – onto paraffin wax paper and shot a look to her lab partner, Gabrielle Vita. She smiled and swiftly stood up and gave Vita a high five. The pair started laughing. Not bad for a couple of undergraduates who had just learned a new useful lab skill that day.

Dyer and Vita, both undergraduate students from Virginia Commonwealth University, had been running a four-day experiment where they transformed and grew bacteria and then prepared their sample for analysis. For Dyer, it was one of her first encounters with real laboratory science.

“This experience is getting me prepared for being in an actual lab,” Dyer said. “I haven’t been in a lab before this.”

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