VCU Center on Health Disparities Summer Research Symposium

Come see forty-seven bright and talented student researchers present their work at the VCU Center on Health Disparities Summer Research Symposium.  These students have spent the past 10 weeks in research training programs like MARC, IMSD, Step-UP and HERO.  These programs, facilitated by the Center on Health Disparities, offer students intensive research opportunities at a nationally recognized research institution, and the opportunity to work and learn from researchers currently conducting research at VCU.

Students will present their research projects via an oral presentation on consecutive days:

August 1st – August 3rd,  9am-3pm, in the Molecular Medicine Research Building (MMRB) 1220 East Broad St. in rooms 1009-1011.

There will also be a poster symposium, during which faculty, students and members of the community have the opportunity to speak with student researchers one-on-one about their amazing projects!

COHD Poster Symposium: August 6th, 9am-12pm, Molecular Medicine Research Building (MMRB). Main Floor.

Come out and support these future scholars!!

Student Researchers Take First at Howard Hughes Medical Institute Symposium

An undergraduate research team from Virginia Commonwealth University earned a first-place poster award during the 4th Annual SEA-PHAGES symposium at the Janelia Farms Research Campus of Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The VCU students are participants of the Phage Discovery Lab that has been offered at VCU for the past three years. Through this project, students contribute to a nationwide genomics research study sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Alliance program. The exploratory lab experience allows the VCU group, along with students at 70 institutions across the country, the opportunity to engage in hands-on research.

Last month, Kristen Wade, a sophomore student majoring in bioinformatics, presented VCU’s research findings to students and peers in the scientific community from 70 schools across the United States and Puerto Rico. Wade was chosen on behalf of her class to present at the symposium. Other members of the VCU undergraduate team included Azhar Bashir, Sahil Aggarwal, Merit George, Kaleigh Hedges, Jasmine Allen, Rone Parent and Cailin Becker. These students helped produce research project data that was highlighted on the poster and helped Wade prepare for presenting their projects.

The poster award is based on the quality of the poster and the judges’ interactions with the student at the poster. Of nearly 70 posters, there were only six first-place awards.

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