Leadership Projects

In recent weeks several Va-LEND have presented their leadership projects. These are innovative projects related to the field of disabilities that the trainees have developed with the guidance from their faculty advisers. Below are highlights of these projects.

  • Keri Ayres, family trainee, researched, update and published the 2nd edition of Virginia Medicaid Waivers for Persons with Disabilities, Their Families and Caregivers. The new edition has been expanded and provides current information. It is available here.
  • Deborah Johnson, Autism fellow, researched and produced a paper, Changes to Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th Edition (DSM-5): What are the Possible Implication for Virginia Public Schools. She presented her paper to the Va-LEND faculty and have shared it with her colleagues in the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Apps for special kids picEllen McIlhenny, family trainee, researched and designed a website to catalogue apps for children with special needs for educational or recreational activities. Her website is interactive so that families can submit information on apps that are useful and enjoyable for their children. She plans to build a community of contributors who will help build the site into a comprehensive resource for families/parents. Explore the site here.
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