T4 Basics, a beginners course to T4.


We’re rolling out a T4 Basics class, designed to kickstart users into understanding how to navigate the sometimes tumultuous TerminalFour interface. Classes, for the time being, will be once a month, eight people per class. For now, all classes will take place in the Technology Administration Building, Room 108. There are no prerequisites, aside from an eID, but if you have a laptop you frequently work on, I highly recommend bringing that in lieu of using a lab computer. No offense, lab computers, but it may be useful to favorite certain links, and to understand how T4 works with your specific computer.

T4 Basics is not going to replace the training you receive from the developer who created the specifics of your website. Each user who signs up for the course will get a temporary “development” environment for the class. The end goal of each class is to empower all of the users with the ability to modify the structure and content of a website using TerminalFour. While the course will concentrate on the “Contributor” role within T4, it will be a valuable experience for anybody unfamiliar with TerminalFour in general.

To view the classes and sign up, go to http://go.vcu.edu/t4basics

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Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, at 2:47 pm by reisingerrc in the WebCMS blog.
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