OpenText to be retired on March 15th

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As promised, VCU will be turning off the OpenText WCMS effective March 15, 2015.

Over two years ago, the university acquired the TerminalFour (T4) web content management system (WCMS) as a replacement for the OpenText WCMS.  Since then, Web Services has provided support for both T4 and OpenText.

T4 is cloud based and the T4 vendor manages the servers.  OpenText on the other hand uses a VCU hosted file server that would need major work and a significant amount of reconfiguration for the system to continue past the March 15 deadline.  Given that only a few sites remain on OpenText, we have decided to move forward with the scheduled shutdown of OpenText.

Websites that are still managed by OpenText will continue to serve up web pages as normal but updates will need to be done in a different fashion or migrated to TerminalFour.

In order to lessen the burden on departments, Web Services will work with each webmaster to determine the best course of action for updating their website post 3/15/15.

To begin this conversation, please submit a Service Desk ticket to Web Services to request OpenText conversion assistance.

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