Four new/updated applications

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Introducing four new/updated applications: Filelocker, Course Match, VCU Mobile and Password Resets.

Filelocker is replacing Filedrop.  In addition to allowing VCU folks to send up to 2GB files to recipients, Filelocker has many new features, including

  • Allows non-VCU folks to be invited to send files to VCU recipients
  • Does email look-ahead when entering email addresses in the “To” field
  • Meets all HIPPA standards for sending secure documents

To learn more, visit URL:


Course Match
Course Match is a new self-service feature that allows students to match up their courses in eServices with their courses that appear in Blackboard.   It also provides information regarding why a course is not showing in their list of Blackboard courses.



VCU Mobile
The new version of VCU Mobile is now available via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.    An Alert module has been added that gives the current status of VCU and the VCU Medical Center.  Both the Emergency module and the Dining module have been redesigned.   In total, there are now over 20 modules.


Password Reset
A new self-service password reset tool, which allows all users with an eID to set up a non-VCU email address to utilize for self-service password resets.  This allows you to reset your eID password without having to contact the VCU helpIT Center for assistance.  This tool works on both computers and mobile devices (via a web browser).  To learn more, visit URL:

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