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Events Calendar gets a facelift »

The VCU Events Calendar public interface was redesigned.   In addition to a new look, it is both web accessible (WCAG 2.0 Level A) and mobile friendly.    We will continue to improve the rest of the application including a redesign of the management side as well as adding new features and functionality. The VCU Events Calendar is part of the Uni . . .

Four new/updated applications »

Introducing four new/updated applications: Filelocker, Course Match, VCU Mobile and Password Resets. Filelocker Filelocker is replacing Filedrop.  In addition to allowing VCU folks to send up to 2GB files to recipients, Filelocker has many new features, including Allows non-VCU folks to be invited to send files to VC . . .

Intermittent Filedrop Service »

On November 12th we applied a security patch to the Filedrop system and after immediate testing everything seemed to be working fine. In the days following we have heard a few users report that they have experienced intermittent service with the application. We have since identified the error, remedied the problem and will continue to closely monitor th . . .

VCU Keywords have served over 6 million customers »

VCU Keywords, known as, has now served more than 6 million customer requests.  Begun in 2007 as way to provide a URL that is both permanent and easy to remember, VCU keywords are now providing access to nearly 700 web sites. If you would like to learn more, use any of the existing keywords or would like to make some keywords for w . . .

Inactive Movable Type Blogs To Be Deleted »

On December 15, we will take the first steps toward removing Movable Type, the backend of, by permanently deleting inactive personal blogs from the system and the server. Departmental and organizational blogs — as well as any WordPress blog hosted at — will be unaffected. To learn more about the criteria we used to . . .

Filedrop sets record of 176 Gb »

During the month of September 2011, VCU Filedrop ( was used by VCU faculty, staff and students to transfer a record 176.05 gb worth of data.   On September 29th, the individual day record of 18.39 gb was set. For folks who are not familiar with VCU Filedrop, it is a VCU-created application that allows the VCU community to easily sh . . .

Go hits 2 million »

What started out in January 2007 as a way for folks to have a permanent, short URL that they could publish on web sites and printed documents with the assurance that they would still be working months or years in the future has now become a staple at VCU.  This past week, the keyword application has now been utilized over 2 million times.   . . .

Filedrop: Over 1 tb served »

Begun in June 2010, Filedrop has now been used to send over 1 terabyte of data.   Filedrop was created to address the attachment size limit when VCU moved its students from Lotus Notes, which allowed 25 mb attachment, to Gmail, which only allow 10 mb attachments.    Filedrop has surely reduce email storage since there have been over 6,000 recipients . . . keywords hits #500 »

Like 500 Home Runs in baseball, the VCU Keyword application,, now has 500 keywords.  The 500 keywords have been access over 1.9 million times, with the most popular keyword being 'eidfinder'. has been accessed of 112,000 times. . . .

Importing a Moveable Type blog is now working »

We have installed and tested a Wordpress plugin that successfully imports the contents of a Moveable Type blog in the VCU Wordpress blog,  One can also import the contents of one Wordpress blog into another Wordpress blog. . . .


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