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Specs for Creators, Makers, Artists

Want to display your materials on the big screen or coordinate a class assignment that uses it? Are you a student who wants to submit your big screen images to be shown during regular Student Showcases? Email or submit your information online. The curatorial committee will be in touch as soon as possible and secure rights to your materials.

Exhibits for the big screen

  • “Exhibits” will be groups of 10 to 20 multiple related images or gifs, each displayed for 15 to 25 seconds. (This can be easily adjusted depending on the items or the artist’s vision.)
  • Stand alone video or kinetic installations of varied lengths can be shown.
  • Images or videos with dense text generally cannot be shown as the text does not translate well to the screen
  • Materials displayed will have ties to VCU and be the work of students, faculty, alumni or feature public art in the VCU neighborhood.
  • A committee will review and approve items submitted for display.
  • The committee is open to ideas from faculty and staff, including critique sessions, screenings that showcase a classes’ final projects and more.

Technical information

  • The screen is a combination of woven, semi-transparent stainless-steel structures, which allows daylight into the building. Embedded in the structure are LED. It is a visual medium only (no sound) and is not high-definition.
  • 21 feet wide by 24 feet high
  • Images look best when it fills the screen so some images will be cropped.

Information for artists and creators

  • Aspect ratio – 35:32
  • Image size – 140 x 128 pixels (vertical x horizontal)
  • Image resolution – 300 dpi
  • Pixel configuration – 2-red, 2-green, 2-blue RGB
  • Color processing – 48-bit
  • Brightness – 8,750 NITS
  • Total LEDs – 110,592 pieces

Permissions and Promotion

  • The artist will grant permissions for use and may limit the time period of the exhibition.
  • Exhibits will be put in context and credited on the companion On the Cabell Screen blog. Artists or contributors will be credited and links made to further information, artists’ biographies and other relevant material.
  • Some exhibits will be announced in advance in news articles or on social media.
  • Artworks displayed will have ties to VCU and be the work of students, faculty, staff, alumni or feature public art (such as the RVA mural project, for example, or art associated with First Friday) in the VCU neighborhood.