What is the Customer Experience Lab?

A VCU student participates in an eye tracking study in the Customer Experience Lab.

The Customer Experience Lab (CEL) is a behavioral research laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business. The objective of the CEL is to better understand what customers are experiencing and how those experiences affect outcomes such as attitudes, evaluations, and decision-making. For example, what do people look at, for how long, and in what order when evaluating a mortgage Loan Estimate? How does their eye behavior affect evaluations of the loan offer?

The CEL features equipment to record and measure objective and subjective measures of behavior related to customer experiences. Hardware and software to aid in customer experience research include computer stations, data collection and analysis software, and physiological instruments such as eye-tracking equipment. The CEL features two Tobii X2-60 eye-tracking stations for measuring customers’ visual experiences for basic research, student projects, and community initiatives.