How would you rate your presentation skills?

As business majors and alumni, you are asked to present often.  Most of your classes will involve group work and group presentations.  In a work environment, managers will often ask you to present your findings in front of a large or small group.  Does that make you nervous or uncomfortable?

Sometimes your answer may vary depending on the size of the audience you are presenting to or the type of audience.  Many of you are getting interviews and are panicking when you discover that the format of the interview will be a panel.  Suddenly, it feels like you need to prepare for a presentation of sorts to master this type of interview.

Here is how we are offering to help.  The next “Altria presents” is the topic “Presentation Boot Camp”.   Come and find out how you can feel more relaxed in when you make a presentation and develop skills to help you perfect the presentation process.

All of you are welcome.  I hope to see you there!