First Novelist Alumni Roundup #1: Maribeth Fischer

This week we’ll begin a series of blog posts checking in on former Cabell First Novelist Award winners, who have gone on to a wide variety of successes and endeavors following the publication of their debut novels.


We start with Maribeth Fischer, 2001 winner for The Language of Good-bye. Fischer has since acted as the executive director of the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild in Delaware, also directing that organization’s biannual writers’ conference, Writers at the Beach, for many years. In 2007 Fischer published a second novel, The Life You Longed For, with Touchstone Books, a division of Simon & Schuster:

Grace’s son Jack is a miracle. At three years old, he’s fighting a mysterious, deadly disease that his doctors predicted would kill him as a baby. Even though it was determined to be mitochondrial disease, the little-known illness remains a mystery to medicine….To the world, Grace’s fierce dedication is the sole reason for her son’s survival. But someone suspects that perhaps Jack’s disease is not what it seems.

Read more about The Life You Longed For over at Goodreads or at Simon & Schuster.

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