FLSA and School of Medicine Post-Docs at VCU

A recent ruling under the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) raised the minimum salary level for employees to be exempt from overtime eligibility.  VCU HR will guide us on how VCU as an institution will implement the FLSA new rule for various employment categories.  The School of Medicine is taking steps now to address how SOM postdoctoral scholars are affected by this ruling, given the type of professional work they perform.

Effective Immediately: Proposal applications should budget (at minimum) a postdoctoral stipend rate of $47,476 for all non-NRSA supported grant applications.

  • As you are aware, SOM’s standard practice has been to maintain our minimum postdoctoral stipend level equivalent to the minimum NRSA stipend level.
  • The NIH office of Extramural Research has pledged to increase postdoctoral NRSA funded stipends to levels at or above the new FLSA minimum threshold for exemption.  We will adjust SOM’s minimum stipend level as NRSA postdoctoral minimums are updated.
  • NRSA supported grant applications should budget postdoctoral scholars at the current FY16 approved rates for the career level anticipated.  Again, NIH has pledged to increase awards for postdoctoral NRSA recipients to levels at or above the threshold, but the stipend levels have not yet been updated.
  • There are no changes to the health insurance requirement.  Postdoctoral scholars paid through the university must include payment/contribution toward the cost of health insurance equal to the cost of individual coverage from a designated plan offered through the Office of Postdoctoral Services.  This is in addition to the stipend.
  • At minimum, SOM will require a postdoctoral stipend level of $47,476 for new and existing post docs effective December 1, 2016.  Additional guidance will be forthcoming for departments/centers.

Faculty and Department/Center Administrators will receive a more detailed memo directly from School of Medicine.  Please consult with your department administration for specific questions related to existing post docs in your area(s).

PIs and departmental/center staff should work together to ensure postdoctoral stipends and health insurance are budgeted appropriately.  Changes will be requested if Post Doc stipend levels do not meet this new minimum level.

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