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Collections of Distinction: Current focus areas

The “Collections of Distinction” initiative focuses on expanding and improving collections that provide crucial and unique materials for teaching, research, discovery and enjoyment.

Collections of Distinction exemplify VCU’s mission to inspire and foster creative ideas that celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and engagement on campus and beyond. Supporting established or emerging areas of research, Collections of Distinction receive funds to strengthen knowledge in the identified areas — with the goal of elevating them to national and international stature. At the fundamental level, however, they support and foster teaching, research and discovery by VCU’s faculty and students.

Current Collections of Distinction

  • Economic Botany/Medicinal Plants
  • Experimental Digital Animation
  • Forensic Science
  • Leadership Education
  • Poetry
  • Special Education and Disability Policy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Want to know more or discuss the Collections of Distinction program at VCU Libraries? Contact Karen Cary, head, Collection Analysis and Investment.

Special Ed Connection: Special education resources

Special Ed ConnectionFind It

Special Ed Connection provides practitioners and researchers access to a vast array of legal, regulatory, administrative and advisory resources all centered on special education issues. Included are statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, court cases, state-specific pages, advisory tips and more. Clustered by topics and subtopics and intricately intertwined, the materials in Special Ed Connection are both browseable and searchable.

The home page contains links to the latest and most important general news and developments. Six additional topic pages do the same for specific areas of interest: Section 504, Early Childhood, Behavior & Discipline, Technology, Specific Disabilities, and Legal Research Center. The Stats/Regs link below the topic headings leads to the fundamental statutes and implementing regulations pertaining to special education.

Special features within Special Ed Connection include SmartStarts and Special Ed Roundups. SmartStarts are analyses of difficult situations involving Section 504. They include an overview of the issue and links to pertinent cases, policy letters, statutes, and so on. Special Ed Roundups provide the latest practical guidance on a number of broad topics of special interest to the busy practitioner.

The search options provide many point-and-click limiters which change based upon the category to be searched. The most complex limiting is in Interactive Search. Here the researcher can enter a search string and then select to a very granular degree where the results should come from, e.g., Federal Policy & Guidance | OCR Policy Memoranda. But more importantly, the researcher can change that selection on the fly enabling a very quick sorting by source.

Special Ed Connection is of great benefit to anyone with an interest in the legal and policy aspects of special education.

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By: Marilyn Scott, education research librarian 
Image: Creative Commons