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Business Insights Global: Powerful search, broad resource

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Business Insights Global can assist business students research, analyze, interpret and understand today’s complex industries. The comprehensive content and powerful analytical tools available in this database enables the researcher to understand the increasing global nature of today’s business world. This new database is easy to use and comes with powerful search capabilities. Interactive charting tools make it easy to analyze statistical data.

It offers access to full-text articles from academic journals, business magazines, newswires, global histories, SWOT reports, Thomson Reuters company financials and investment reports, market share reports, industry research essays, United Nations recognized country profiles, international case studies and executive video interviews and lessons for deeper insight into issues and decision-making.

Business Insights Global equips students to research business topics, compare economies and industries by using up to date news and reports.

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By Janet Reid, business research librarian

Image: Creative Commons

ReferenceUSA seen as strong replacement for Hoover’s database for business info

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A highly anticipated new company database has been added to the library collection.  ReferenceUSA is a strong replacement for the Hoover’s database.

ReferenceUSA is a good tool to use when conducting company research, creating a business plan or locating competitors or new customers. It is a valuable resource when you need to fill in the pieces of a corporate family tree.

ReferenceUSA contains information on 54 million U.S. businesses,158 million U.S. residents, Canadian businesses, U.S. new businesses, U.S. White Page, Canadian White Pages, 228 Million U.S. historical businesses; U.S. jobs/internships; U.S. healthcare (physicians & dentist); U.S. consumers/ lifestyles and U.S. movers/new homeowners.  This database is exceptionally useful when you need to locate information on a small, local or new company.

You can search by name, subject, location, NAICS/SIC codes, number of employees, sales volume and more. There are special segments for new businesses, healthcare and new homeowners. There is also a database of historical directory information for those looking for a company no longer in business.

The U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles segment of the database identifies consumers based on geography, home value or income, and personal interests such as apparel, cooking, pets, etc. This information can be useful for identifying potential customers when developing a business plan, for example.

ReferenceUSA also includes data visualization capabilities that allow the user to create a heat map from their search results, or various types of charts.

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By Janet Reid, business research librarian

Image:  Creative Commons

Uniworld Online: The world of multinational companies

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Uniworld Online is a searchable database that covers multinational companies with headquarters in over 200 countries and 20,000 industries. It provides contact information for headquarters, subsidiaries, branches and executives of multinational firms. Search by keyword, parent company name, subsidiary name, “division of” name, product description or by descriptive word. It is more comprehensive and more accessible than any other international business contact product.

Uniworld Online can be used for business research, career research and is a useful resource for academic career centers. It includes company information and key employees, job hunting information as well as research for those interested in study abroad programs. It also has access to research on careers, employment opportunities, economic research and tracking trends. Both public and private company information is included. It also covers all of the BRIC countries.

A Uniworld Online User Guide is available to get familiar with all of the capabilities of the resource.

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by Patricia Sobczak, business and public affairs collections librarian


Passport GMID: Global market information database

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Research global markets with Passport GMID.  From Euromonitor, a business intelligence company with more than 40 years of experience analyzing developed and emerging markets, Passport GMID provides in-depth analysis, statistics, surveys, and news for industries, consumer markets, and business environments all over the world. Find company and brand shares of leading companies; use dashboards and data to identify potential markets; and read full text market research reports for over 20 consumer product and services categories.

Passport Industrial research examines the industrial makeup of the 68 largest economies in the world. Each economy is broken down into 177 industries, providing cross country comparable data and analysis. Passport Industrial is our first major research effort of B2B markets. Data points include production, profitability, imports, exports, buyers, suppliers, etc. Reports are modeled after Porter’s Five Forces. In the near future, Euromonitor will be expanding its Industrial research to 20 additional countries. The added coverage will be a deeper extension of the current and well-received  Markets of the Future (MOTF) reports. The addition of these countries will bring Euromonitor’s premier research coverage to 98% of Global GDP and 91% of Global Population.

Passport Cities provides fully comparable data and in-depth analysis on 1,150 of the world’s largest cities. There are detailed reviews of 120 of the world’s major metropolitan areas. Datagraphics, opinion 1 pieces, and dashboards are also prominently featured.

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By Patricia Sobczak, business and public affairs collections librarian

Image: Creative Commons

Coloribus: Advertising archive from 1969 to today

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Coloribus Advertising Archive is the largest global archive of commercial advertising around. It contains over 2 million historic advertisements and continuously adds more than 1,000 in addition each day. Coloribus allows users to go through advertisements all around the world to reference.

Browse through advertisements released by companies ranging from Ikea to Adidas. You will find all media and advertising modes, from bill boards, print ads, TV, radio, cinema, public promotion, to viral social media and online. When matched with a specific ad, users are able to download high resolution media files with an unlimited number of views and downloads. Find and search the full credits and description for the advertisement.

It allows users to learn advertising brands and styles without having to sort through hundreds of thousands of ads. With one click, anyone can find a particular ad in just seconds. There are advertisements dating back to 1969.

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By Katlyn Pierre, public relations intern. For more information about this resource or others

Image: Coloribus Advertising Archive


BCC Research: Global market intelligence

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Research global markets with current and in depth market intelligence. Reports include forecasts, statistical data, major players, market share and more. BCC Research covers 20 industries with a focus on science and technology:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals
  • Energy and Resources
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Food And Beverage
  • Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Manufacturing
  • Membrane and Separation Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Photonics
  • Plastics
  • Safety and Security
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

Under each broad category, individual reports explore specific areas. For example, Food and Beverage includes reports on intelligent packaging, high energy supplements, organic food and food safety. Healthcare includes cancer testing and treatment technology, self-monitoring, medical devices and information technology. These are just a few examples of the full text reports available through BCC Research. Subscribe to their blog for up to date news and more market insight.

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By Bettina Peacemaker, assistant head, academic outreach and business research librarian

Image: 1492, ptwo, flickr, Creative Commons

Markets of the Future: Explore next generation markets

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Euromonitor offers in-depth analysisGraph With Stacks Of Coins of the business environment and consumer markets for next generation markets including Africa, Cuba and Iraq. Comprehensive reports cover more than 50 consumer categories and extensive brand share data, as well as key economic, demographic and infrastructure factors. The research allows for real-life decision making and strategies for identifying new opportunities in geographic areas not covered in traditional sources.

How to use it? Login to Passport GMID, select any page under Industries, Economies or Consumers and look for Markets of the Future Reports.

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By Bettina Peacemaker, assistant head, academic outreach and business research librarian

Map It: Mapping tools for business research

Electronic mapping resources are fast becoming an important tool for researchers to visually communicate their scholarship. More and more VCU courses require the visualization of data to supplement academic efforts in effective and powerful ways. For example, while a list of bicycle sellers in the RVA may help someone who is looking to open a bike shop, that same information shown on a map gives immediate, graphical information that can help an entrepreneur identify opportunities. Or, when creating a marketing strategy, a company can use an interactive map to input data and highlight areas that meet the criteria for inclusion in the campaign. VCU Libraries has several mapping resources for a range of skill levels:

  • SimplyMap allows you to create thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business and marketing data. SimplyMap has all the data you need to answer key research questions, make sound business decisions and understand the socio-demographic and economic conditions of any geographic area in the United States. It offers more than 75,000 data variables related to demographics, employment, housing, market segments, businesses, consumer spending, brand preferences and public health. Find It
  • VCU Libraries owns many spatial and numeric data sets, most of which are produced by the Federal government. Use the VCU Libraries Search to search the collection, or browse a list of data collections.  Find It

To learn more about mapping resources and geographic information systems, the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs offers a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Also, as part of the State of Virginia higher education site license for ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), VCU students, faculty and staff have free access to GIS courses offered via the ESRI Virtual Campus. For more information  and to register, please see the following:

By Patricia Sobczak, business and public affairs collections librarian

The Business of Bicycles: Industry research resources


With the UCI Road World Cycling Championships in the RVA and excitement building about all things bicycles, VCU Libraries offers resources to help those who are interested in learning more about the business of bicycles and bicycling. You can find out about…

The sport

The local impact

The industry

  • According to IBISWorld, cycling events account for just over 16 percent of industry revenue for athletic event organizers in the United States. Find more analysis on related industries including bicycle manufacturing, bicycle dealership and repair and sporting goods stores. Find It
  • Research more than 26,000 companies in the Richmond area in Hoover’s. Build a list and limit the industry by NAICS: 336991 Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing, 423910 Bicycles merchant wholesalers or 811490 Bicycle repair and maintenance shops. Find It
  • Search for articles Business Source Complete on the bicycle industry from major trade and business publications. Find It
  • More sources for company and industry research. Find It

The consumer

  • According to Mintel,  those shopping for adults are more likely to purchase from a local bike specialty shop than a mass retailer.  Get insight on bicycles, outdoor enthusiasts and more.  Find It
  • According to Euromonitor, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden are the top countries for bicycle ownership. Explore more global markets with Passport GMID. Find It
  • More sources for consumer research. Find It

The opportunity

  • According to the Census, more than 2,000 Richmonders bicycle to work. Use Simply Map to find identify specific markets in the United States with the census and data from Simmons, Nielson PRIZM and Dunn & Bradstreet.  Find It
  • Use Privco to find information on over 100 private market investors in Virginia. Find It
  • Research start up and small business trends at the local and national level in Bizminer. Find it
  • More source for entrepreneurs. Find It

By Bettina Peacemaker, assistant head, academic outreach and business research librarian, and Patricia Sobczak, business and public affairs collections librarian

Business Databases: Five business resources

These business and industry databases are a great resource for students of business, advertising and mass communications, as well as researchers interested in business trends, entrepreneurship and corporate work.

  • IBISWorld: Reports for all 723 U.S. industries categorized by NAICS include market size, competitors, forecasting, business valuations, benchmarking, business environment and global industry reports. A new module includes specialized industries such as forensic accounting services, popcorn production, psychic services, ice cream making machinery manufacturing, fantasy sport services and medical marijuana growing. Find It
  • Plunkett Research Online: Analysis and market research for industry sectors like trend analysis, statistics, organizations, company profiles and information for job-seekers. Plunkett covers some 30 industries plus Asian companies, Canadian industries, international companies and middle market companies. Find It
  • PrivCo: Business and financial data on major, non-publicly traded corporations, including family-owned, private equity-owned, venture-backed and internationally-unlisted companies. PrivCo pulls back the curtain on private businesses such as Subway, pinkberry, IKEA, J. Crew, Levis, Arby’s, Brooks Brothers, Twitter, Chanel and 80,000 more businesses that make up most of our major corporations. Find It
  • WARC: Global advertising and marketing trends, including market intelligence, case studies, conference reports, expenditure data, profiles of major brand owners, consumer insight and a collection of advertising campaign videos. This publisher’s portfolio includes Admap, Market Leader, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research and International Journal of Market Research (full-text). Find It
  • Best’s Library Center: Full-text insurance reports, credit reports and other in-depth insurance industry information and statistics. It also provides insurance industry news and a look at corporate changes dating back to 1819. Find It

Compiled by Bettina Peacemaker, business research librarian

Image: Creative Commons