Patricia Kinser receives STTI/SNRS grant for centering pregnancy and yoga study

Patricia Kinser, Ph.D., WHNP-BC, RN (B.S. ’03/N; M.S. ’04/N; Cert. ’04/N), assistant professor in the Department of Family & Community Health Nursing, was selected to receive a Sigma Theta Tau International/Southern Nursing Research Society (STTI/SNRS) grant to support a pilot study, titled “Mindful Physical Activity+Centering Pregnancy for Overweight/Obese Diverse Pregnant Women.” Kinser is co-investigator on the study with Saba Masho, M.D., DrPH; associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine & Population Health.

Their study will follow Black and Hispanic pregnant overweight/obese women to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effects of yoga as a gentle, mindful physical activity incorporated into group Centering Pregnancy prenatal care. The findings will be compared with recently collected comparison group data from an existing longitudinal study of pregnant women who participated in Centering Pregnancy prenatal care alone and will be used to develop future large-scale randomized controlled trials.

Dr. Patricia Kinser

Dr. Patricia Kinser

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