Women’s Health Nursing Group holds breast cancer lecture

October 15, 2015

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The Women’s Health Nursing Group at the VCU School of Nursing recently hosted a lecture, titled “The Two Inch Circle,” presented by Amy Black, a local post-mastectomy tattoo artist and founder of the Pink Ink Fund. Founded in 2011, the Pink Ink Fund, in partnership with the medical community and service care providers, works to educate cancer patients, survivors and those genetically predisposed to breast cancer on their full spectrum of options on breast, nipple, and areola reconstructive tattooing following mastectomy surgery. After a mastectomy the patient is left with no nipple or areola in the area and can sometimes elect to have one surgically rebuilt from other donor skin areas of the body, however the natural coloration is still missing. The only technique to recreate the natural coloring is through tattooing. Black is able to do many variations of coloring and create the illusion of realistic nipples and areola textures and shapes and sizes for her clients. Clients also can choose to cover the mastectomy scars with a flower design or other design of their choosing. Previous client Roberta Zelenko and future client Becky Massey, a volunteer at VCU Massey Cancer Center, also spoke about the physical and emotional effects of post-mastectomy recovery.

Beck Massey, Amy Black and Roberta Zelenko

Beck Massey, Amy Black and Roberta Zelenko



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