Single Molecule Analysis Group at VCU

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We combine DNA nanotechnology and modern analytical methods to achieve two major research goals; (i) investigate protein-protein and protein-DNA mechanics at the single molecule level and (ii) develop multiplex sensors for biologically relevant small molecules such as biomarkers. The research approach is interdisciplinary — it spans from DNA nanotechnology to single-molecule fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule force spectroscopy, and chemical biology. Our major areas of interest involve:

  • High-throughput sensing of small molecules, nucleic acids, and proteins
  • Protein-protein and protein-DNA mechanics
  • Single enzyme activity

We aim to accomplish following goals:

  • Develop diverse/multiplexed biosensing platform to ultimately benefit the areas of chemical sensing, diagnostics, and therapeutics
  • Investigate structural mechanisms of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and study DNA modifying protein machineries at the molecular level
  • Investigate the behavior of single enzymes