Blog 2: Privilege Pledge-Cisgender Privilege

I, Ashley Walker, pledge to question and challenge my own cisgender privilege and the broader structures of privilege and power at the events I participate in and in the organizations and institutions I engage with.

Identify 4 ways I have used my privilege of cisgender during the past week.

1)When I put makeup on to go to a party this past weekend, I didn’t have to think about how people would look at me or if it would look right on me.

2)When my name was called in classed for attendance and people looked to see who I was, I wasn’t stared at or judged because the name I have is made for girl on the most part.

3)When I went to a job fair this past week, I was easily afforded an opportunity for an interview and not have to worry about being afraid to even approach the table to speak with the company.

4)When I went to a party this past weekend and put on a slim-fit dress, I was okay with going out the house like that and not being thought of as anything other than a young girl going out to party.

Identify 3 possible things I could stop doing to look at my privilege/interact with it differently.

1)I could stop going in women restroom and assuming just because I am comfortable and can use it, that a transgender woman can to.

2)I need to allow people to inform me on what they prefer me to call them first before assuming that they go by what they look like.

3)I need to watch what I say and how I say things about women because a transgender woman could be easily sitting in my presence without me knowing it and I say something to offend her.

I hope to become more aware of my privilege and not take it for granted. Reading the article on cisgender maybe come to terms with things I didn’t even know that are privileges I had. I hope to become more informed and to better provide awareness in the future.

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  1. lees74 says:

    Hi, Ashley
    I loved your third action point that we should watch how we talk about other people that could offend someone near us.

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